your head is both lonely & crowded ;
          a hundred different versions of yourself and
               not a single one understands the rest.



elcome to Fabletown; where everything looks ordinary, but nothing really is. 
A sanctuary for all Fables, Fabletown is an upstanding community in the upper west of Manhattan in New York, and everyone is welcome! 

If only it were that easy. Life isn’t a fairy tale anymore and some people just aren’t cut out for for the Real World. It’s not ‘Once upon a time’ and ‘Happily ever after.’ It’s bills and rent, drugs and alcohol, and underhanded crimes. 

Can you handle it here? Honestly, there’s not much of a choice. 

Just don’t forget your Glamour.


Stumbled upon a great place to watch the first half of today’s final. Left at half time so we could actually see the game. #2014summertour #thepecksisters #oslo #norway

[[ icon change to actual art of actual muse B))))))

credit to normun <33 ]]

anyone: what does the fox say
aph norway: i came out to have a good time and i am honestly feeling so attacked right now

fiertecanadienne replied to your post: [[ Q; how do nyotalias usually work th…

{ At least with Canada and Fem!Canada, in my view, each represent a part of the whole that was brought together to form present-day Canada, and are siblings. }

[[ Yeah, though considering how many times Germany has been split up and brought together and including Gilbert and his sister, that sounds a bit tricky. ]]

liachtaschta replied to your post: [[ Q; how do nyotalias usually work th…

for liech and nyo!liech i had them represent the two counties that were brought together to make the country so they’re siblings to me, but my thing only works for the liechs

lavendercurrents replied to your post: [[ Q; how do nyotalias usually work th…

usually i think they just consider them siblings, and they represent the country together? I’ve seen cute interpretations where like the female represents one aspect of the country, and the male the other

[[ ahh thank you babs, that seems like a good solution vuv ]]